Employees requesting professional development reimbursements pursuant to Article 37, Professional Development of the collective bargaining agreement need to submit an expense report in order to access reimbursement funds.

Prior to submitting the expense report employees should contact Maria Figueroa, Senior HR Specialist at maria_figueroa@uml.edu to obtain the appropriate account information, e.g. Fund/Dept. ID/Program/Speed type.

To submit an expense report, visit the e*mpac website

Click on ‘Finance Production Login’ and follow the steps provided to you in the job aid.

For Expense Reimbursement questions, contact the Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) by email at: UPST@umassp.edu.

Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 36 Professional Development:

  • A. Unless subsumed under the Labor/Management Committee, a Professional Development Committee shall be established with the goal of engaging the University and the Union in a mutual search for financial support for professional development and capacity building. This would include professional development opportunities such as specialized training or coursework in curriculum development or grant writing, not available at the University. The work of unit members provides value added for the University.  Such outside opportunities would provide important ideas and stimulation for developing the capacity of unit members and projects to gain further funding.

  • B. $300.00 annually will be made available to each unit member to support professional development. Professional development shall typically include expenses such as books, professional subscriptions, travel, and membership in professional associations.  Other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.