SEIU Local 888 Professional

This labor unit includes professional and administrative employees. General questions can be directed by email to:


Area Representatives

  • James Goodman, North Campus Area Representative
  • South Campus Area Representative: Vacant
  • East Campus Area Representative: Vacant

Contract Information

Dental/Vision Coverage

SEIU 888 Membership Application Form

New SEIU 888 members or current members with a recent name change should fill out the SEIU 888 Membership Application Form (pdf). Completed forms should be emailed to

Sick Leave Bank

Any SEIU 888 member who is interested in donating sick time to the sick bank can do so by filling out the Sick Leave Bank Form (pdf) and emailing it to our Membership Secretary,

Some employees accumulate far more time than they will actually need, and it can tremendously help other members with extreme circumstances if you donate. By donating at least one time, you will be eligible to draw from the sick bank yourself if you run out of PTO and have a catastrophic illness or injury. Thank you for considering donating to the sick leave bank and helping other members!

You must donate at least 1 day to be eligible to use the sick leave bank, but you are welcome to donate more than one day or donate more than one time!