Focus on promoting the health of individuals, families, and groups and identifying and treating common health problems across the life span. 

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A nursing student examines a patient's neck

The Family Health Nursing Practitioner Program provides advanced practice nursing education with a focus on the management of health problems, research, leadership and health promotion among diverse populations. 

Students will:

  • Develop advanced skills in communication, health assessment, health teaching, nursing interventions and evaluation
  • Prepare as nurse practitioners 
  • Upon successful completion of the program become eligible to sit for the national family nurse practitioner certification exams
UMass Lowell's program provides Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) sessions, featuring Standardized Patients (SPs) who are highly trained actors that simulate the concerns of a medical patient. These actors are assigned different profiles of all ages, races, sexual orientation, and gender identity with specific medical histories and problems. Students interact with the SP to develop a diagnosis or next step for that patient.
For more information, please visit the master's programs page and the Graduate Academic Catalog.

Meet Our Students and Alumni

UMass Lowell nursing student Yonnie Collins stands at a computer desk in a hospital room.
Yonnie Collins '18, '23
Exercise Science, Family Health Nurse Practitioner

With her people-first approach, Yonnie Collins found success in her coursework and her extracurricular activities.

I felt like I could spread my wings and really connect with like-minded people on a very inclusive campus.
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Kristina Ogbarmey-Tetteh and three other students
Kristina Ogbarmey-Tetteh '23

Kristina Ogbarmey-Tetteh took advantage of the Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences’ Student Resource Center as a first-year student, and then became a tutor herself.

If it wasn’t for the Resource Center, I feel like my first year would have been a lot more difficult.
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Karen Melillo and Sue Mullaney
Susan Mullaney ’93, ’15

Susan Mullaney, who earned a doctorate in nursing practice in 2015, is a vice president at UnitedHealth Group, where she focuses on keeping seniors healthy. She joined the board of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, which sets curriculum standards for nursing degrees.

It’s my mission to get more people educated about geriatrics.
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Lianna Partee taking notes at a desk working as an RN at a hospital
Lianna Partee '16, '19

UML prepared Lianna Partee for a career that she’s passionate about. After completing her nursing degree here and working as a registered nurse for a year, she returned to earn a master’s degree in gerontological nursing.

At the outpatient Shapiro Clinic at Beth Israel Hospital, I truly fell in love with providing patient care with goals to promote health and wellness in the community while attempting to keep patients out of the hospital.
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