Year of the Nurse

The World Health Assembly, the governing body of the World Health Organization (WHO), designated 2020 as the Year of the Nurse to advance nurses’ vital position in transforming healthcare around the world. It also is in honor of the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.

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  • A wedding photo of a man in a black tux and a woman in a white dress

    From Grief, Beauty Blooms

    Ryan Lamore, a housekeeper with Facilities Management, brightens people’s day – and copes with personal grief – by sharing dahlias from his home garden.
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  • Lawreta Kankan with counselors Danny Tran, Keanna Bouthsarath and Sierra Goodwin

    Learning is Social: New Program Sets Health Sciences Students up for Success

    The Zuckerberg: Ready, Set, Go! program hosted 20 first-year health sciences majors arrived on campus a week before classes start for social activities, community service and educational and cultural activities to help them get acclimated to campus and the city of Lowell.
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  • Collette, left, and Diana Whitcomb show off their matching grasshopper tattoos on the snowy South Campus quad

    Two of Four Quadruplets Graduate

    Quadruplets Collette and Diana Whitcomb are graduating together. Their brothers, Andrew and Bryce, aren't far behind.
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  • Public health master's student Kyle Fahey goes over a park evaluation form with UML student and faculty researchers and older residents of Lowell.

    City and UML Partner on Making Lowell ‘Age-Friendly’

    Students in health sciences are gaining research experience in Lowell, working alongside an adult advisory group and local agencies to help make the city an “age-friendly” community.
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  • UML health sciences faculty tour the new Health Sciences Hub

    ‘Health Sciences Hub’ Offers Tutoring, Advising and More

    The new “Health Sciences Hub” in the Health and Social Sciences Building is a one-stop center for student success. It includes space for advising, tutoring, exam reviews, faculty and teaching assistant office hours, health sciences club meetings, interprofessional education and more.
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  • UML Nursing student Caroline Owusu

    Nursing Faculty Will Assist in Clinical Trials for New, Rapid COVID-19 Tests

    Solomont School of Nursing faculty will soon assist with clinical trials on rapid COVID-19 tests that are being developed as part of a massive federal effort. Assoc. Prof. Ainat Koren is leading the initiative, which will deploy nurses and nursing students to existing testing sites to gather patient samples and data.
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  • View of San Sebastian, Spain, from Mount Igueldo

    Students ‘Basque in the Glory’ as Honors Study Abroad Resumes

    With caution, masking and lots of outdoor activities, the Honors College’s study abroad program in San Sebastian, Spain, returned this summer. Three groups of honors students are celebrating the chance to travel and learn abroad, some for the first time.
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  • Nurse David Nguyen works in the cardiac unit at Boston Children’s Hospital

    ‘I Wanted to be a Nurse and Make a Difference’

    David Nguyen, bilingual in English and Vietnamese, is a first-generation college student who is used to overcoming barriers associated with being a person of color.
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  • Assoc. Vice Chancellor Julie Chen and her wife, Susu Wong, get vaccinated by Nursing Prof. Lisa Abdallah, who volunteers at Lowell General Hospital's vaccination clinic

    Should You Get Vaccinated?

    Starting April 19, anyone 16 years and older living in Massachusetts can get vaccinated against COVID-19. Campus health experts and researchers recommend vaccination for everyone who can safely get the shot -- so that we can protect ourselves and others in our campus community.
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  • More than 100 UMass Lowell students, faculty and staff are volunteering at Lowell General Hospital's Mass Vaccination Program for COVID-19

    Health Sciences Students Volunteer at Lowell Vaccine Clinic

    More than 100 students in the Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences have volunteered to help out at Lowell General Hospital’s COVID-19 vaccination clinic, which gives about 2,000 shots each day. In addition, some nursing students are earning clinical hours while giving vaccinations.
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  • UML nursing student Darany Long with her grandfather, Saran Yous

    Nursing Student Takes Cap and Gown Photos with Dying Grandfather

    Nursing student Darany Long was the first in her family to graduate high school – and will be the first to graduate from college, too. But her beloved grandfather, who was terminally ill, wouldn’t live to see that day. So nursing faculty loaned her a cap, gown and hood, and she celebrated early with him.
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  • UMass Lowell nursing students

    UMass Lowell Nursing Students Administering COVID Vaccines

    The partnership with Lowell General Hospital began last month and pairs healthcare workers from the hospital with nursing students from the university's College of Health Sciences.
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  • UMass Lowell Ph.D. students Pamela Fallon in nursing and Sharifa Djurabaeva in education

    Ph.D. Students Find Each Other on the Run

    Two Ph.D. students – one an educator from Uzbekistan, the other a nurse practitioner — met through a women’s running group in North Andover. Their friendship grew as they shared early morning runs, dissertation tips and their personal histories amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • Assoc. Prof. of Nursing Comfort Enah, UMass Lowell

    Nursing Professor Uses Mobile Apps to Improve Health

    Assoc. Prof. of Nursing Comfort Enah takes a public health, community-based approach to research aimed at improving sexual and reproductive health in underserved communities and low-income countries. She focuses on using mobile apps to improve health outcomes.
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  • UML Asst. Prof. of Nursing Mazen El Ghaziri, right, SLU Assoc. Prof. Lisa Jaegers, center, and UConn Health Prof. Martin Cherniack in St. Louis in 2017

    Nursing Professor Works to Improve Health of Correctional Officers

    Asst. Prof. of Nursing Mazen El Ghaziri and a colleague at Saint Louis University have been awarded $160,000 by the National Institute of Corrections to create a training program aimed at improving the health and working conditions of correctional officers, who suffer high rates of injury, stress, obesity and premature death.
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  • Clinical Health Sciences grad Lindsey Roberts '14 '19 is the new director of the lab at Lowell Community Health Center

    UML Alumni and Volunteers Help ‘Stop the Spread’ of COVID-19

    When two alumni now working at Lowell Community Health Center wanted volunteers for their “Stop the Spread” COVID-19 testing campaign this summer, they knew whom to call: their former professors in the Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences.
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  • View of the harbor and beach in San Sebastian, Spain

    Honors Study Abroad Course on Basque Culture Goes Virtual

    The university’s in-person study abroad programs are on hold, but International Experiences & Study Abroad is offering virtual global internships and online courses with an international focus. An Honors College professor even moved his summer study abroad program in San Sebastian, Spain, to Zoom, bringing experts on Basque history and culture into students’ homes.
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  • Katherine (left) and Elizabeth Conole are twin sisters who both work as nurses at Lowell General Hospital.

    Twin Sisters Tackle Coronavirus as Lowell General Nurses

    Twin sisters Elizabeth and Katherine Conole, who graduated from UMass Lowell’s Solomont School of Nursing, are taking care of COVID-19 patients at Lowell General Hospital.
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  • Craig Hanley of Lowell, a nurse at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, tries on one of the N95 alternative masks

    A Need Arises for Masks, and Local Makers Respond to Coronavirus Crisis

    Meredith Ritze, a registered nurse who works in the emergency department at Lowell General Hospital and soon-to-graduate nurse practitioner from UMass Lowell, is thankful for the community support her request has prompted.
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  • The Whitcomb quadruplets of Saugus, Mass.

    A, B, C, D: Three Quadruplets Come to Campus

    Three of the Whitcomb quadruplets chose UMass Lowell, each for their own reasons. But they’re happy to be here together.
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  • Honors nursing major Marbella Leal '19 won the student MLK Distinguished Service Award

    King Celebration Recognizes Community Service

    This year’s winners of the university's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Distinguished Service Awards have served the community through theater, community health research and volunteer work with homeless people and at-risk high school students.
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  • Older woman sleeping

    Research Seeks to Improve Sleep Patterns of Night Shift Workers

    Sleep disruption can lead to depression, cardiovascular disease and accidents on the job or at home. To combat these issues, Asst. Prof. Yuan Zhang of the Solomont School of Nursing is partnering on a $1.7 million four-year National Institute of Aging grant to study strategies that help older night shift workers sleep soundly.
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  • UML signing MOU

    UMass Lowell and Thai University Build Nursing Collaborations

    Four administrators from the School of Nursing at Naresuan University, Thailand, visited UMass Lowell on April 26 to celebrate the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and discuss plans for collaboration.
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  • Nursing students Kelly Tanner, Sharon Nabulime and Mamawa Sannoh at the Student Research & Community Engagement Symposium

    Symposium Showcases Student Research and Community Projects

    More than 280 students finished the academic year by presenting their work at the annual Student Research & Community Engagement Symposium. Many of the students’ research projects aimed to solve or engage real-world problems, from public health to violent crime.
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