Graduates of the Clinical (CS) Option are Nearly 100% Successfully Employed.

The Clinical Science (CS) Option of the Applied Biomedical Sciences (ABS) degree offers a broad range of employment and career opportunities.

Advancing Biomedical Sciences Research and Technology

Students who graduate from the ABS-CS program play a role in advancing cutting-edge biomedical sciences research and technology. The scientific knowledge and hands-on skills they acquire in the program make them highly competitive and exceptionally prepared for employment in industry, academia, and government in a variety of fields associated with biomedical research, clinical diagnostics, including forensics, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Program graduates will be successful in gaining employment among the many disciplines within the biomedical sciences, in positions such as:

  • Biotechnology research and development (R&D) scientists.
  • Clinical and biomedical sciences laboratory research associates.
  • Pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and forensics laboratory technologists
  • Biomedical device and laboratory instrument technical and sales agents
  • Quality assurance/control (QA/QC) and laboratory safety personnel
  • Laboratory operations regulatory affairs officials

Graduates also find successful employment in research laboratories in academia, including clinical research in medical schools.

Learn through Classroom Instruction and Research Laboratory Experiences

As a student in the ABS-CS Option, students learn from a combination of basic and advanced/applied science coursework, plus multiple hands-on laboratory experiences, all under expert faculty oversight. The many available research opportunities ensure that classroom information is reinforced with real-world applications.

Preparation for Advanced Degrees

The ABS-CS program provides exceptional preparation for post-baccalaureate graduate and professional programs, including medical school and related advanced programs like veterinary, dental, and physician assistant schools. Many graduates of the ABS-CS program continue onto graduate school and receive Master or Doctoral degrees in a variety of basic and applied science disciplines, including Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Microbiology, Nutritional Science, and many others.

Degree Requirements, Admissions, and Course Information

Please visit the Applied Biomedical Sciences degree program page to learn about degree requirements and admissions for the Clinical Science (CS), Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) and Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Options.