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Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences

Nutrition Minor

Students expressing an interest in the Nutrition minor offered by the Department of Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences must first obtain the authorization of the department and present no less than 23 semester hours in the minor field with at least 9 semester hours at the upper division course level.

Required Courses

1Required B- or higher before minor declaration.


Choose three from the following:

Note: Students will take NUTR.2060 Human Nutrition and receive a B- or higher before acceptance into the Nutrition minor. Once the Nutrition minor is declared, students will maintain a B- or higher in all courses declared for the Nutrition minor. If students receive lower than a B- in a Nutrition minor course (exception: Human Nutrition) they can substitute a different nutrition course from the minor or retake the course.

For more information, contact the Department of Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences.