Students playing guitars

Chamber Ensembles are an integral component of the Music Department's Ensemble Program. All genres, styles and instruments are embraced.


Accompanying Ensemble

The Accompanying Ensemble focuses on developing collaborative skills among duos, trios and quartets. Students will learn how to lead efficient rehearsals, explore interpretive possibilities and improve their musicianship. The ensemble, open to Music Majors only, embraces all genres and instrumental/vocal combinations.

Electric Guitar Ensemble

The Electric Guitar Ensemble provides opportunities for the study and performance of literature for guitar, lute and other fretted stringed instruments. Open to Music Majors only by audition.

Piano Ensemble

The Piano Ensemble provides performance experiences through varied piano ensemble literature for one and two pianos. Students can work in pairs, or in as many hands that will fit at the keyboards. In addition, students often create and perform on-the-spot improvisations for their peers during ensemble rehearsals. Open to all students by audition.