As the university’s largest college, we offer over 24 undergraduate and graduate degree programs across twelve academic departments and numerous interdisciplinary programs. Service learning is a keystone of our efforts to expand our students’ learning experience by linking the classroom to the outside world. Our service learning experiences provide students with a real world opportunity to work with our community partners and receive course credit in the process. Below is a list of service learning courses in the college.


ENGL.3060 Intermediate Professional Writing

ENGL.3210 Community Writing I

ENGL.3870 Introduction to Editing and Publishing

ENGL.4060 Community Writing II

ENGL.4065 Grant Writing

ENGL.4080 Principles of Technical Writing


MUBU.4991 Music Business Internship

MUBU.5250 Community Outreach Practicum 1

MUBU.5260 Community Outreach Practicum 2

MUBU.6250 Community Internship

MUSR.4930 SRT Internship

MUED.5950 Practicum and Analysis

MUED.2490 Progressive Performance and Production Pedagogy


PSYC.4800 & PSYC.4810 Concentration Practicum I & II

PSYC.4820 & PSYC.4830 Developmental Disabilities Fieldwork

PSYC.4860 Community Service Learning

Political Science

POLI.4960 Practicum in Political Science

POLI.4970 Practicum in the Law

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