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PSYC.4810 Concentration Practicum II (Formerly 47.481)

Id: 005753 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This is the second course in the two-course sequence that accompanies the required field placement for undergraduate psychology majors who are registered in a concentration. This course can only be taken after the successful completion of PSYC.4800 Concentration Practicum I, in the previous term. The field placement may either be a research or a service practicum. This is a general course, which will fulfill the requirement for students in any concentration. The second course will focus developing a research paper that integrates the empirical literature with the placement experience. The course will continue to focus on topics including working in diverse environments, working within organizations, responding to work related stress, understanding how the science of psychology applies to the placement, and writing informally and formally about placement experiences.


PSYC.4800 Concentration Practicum I, with a grade of 'B' or higher, or Spring 2020 grade of 'P'.

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