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PSYC.4830 Dvptl Disabilities Fieldwork: Leadership & Advoc

Id: 040720 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


In this fieldwork course we explore standards for support and service provision within formal services and compare experiences in field placements with these standards, seeking to understand the forces that support of interfere with realizing best practices. The foundation for this blended learning course (half the classes meet in person, half online) will be 60 hours of fieldwork within a human service organization or educational setting for people with an intellectual/developmental disability. This course provides a critical examination of the nature of organizations and the impact of leadership and advocacy on the lives of people with disabilities through integrating course material with fieldwork experiences through presentation, discussion, group work, case study, and video materials.


Pre-Req: PSYC.1010 Intro to Psychological Science .

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