Can I have items shipped and stored at the University prior to my reservation date?

The University does not accept packages for businesses directly. All vendors are required to bring all merchandise with them upon the date of the reservation. Should the vendor have two dates back to back, it is the responsibility of the vendor to set up and break down their items each night. The University will not hold items overnight.

Is the sale of food/baked good allowed on campus?

Per the University’s contracted agreement with Aramark – vendors selling food services, such as a food truck, or bake sale, are not permitted on campus.

Is there a nonprofit discount for vendor tables?

There is not a non-profit discount for vendor tables on campus.

Is there food services/cafeteria’s on campus that I will have access to?

There are a wide variety of food service options on campus – please refer to the University’s dining services website for exact locations and hours of operations. Should you plan to take a lunch – it is your responsibility to plan to have another business associate cover your table while you are gone. University students, staff, and faculty are not permitted to watch vendor tables, and are not responsible for any lost/stolen items when you are not at your table.

What can I bring when I arrive on campus?

The University will supply (2) 8ft tables and (2) chairs for you when you arrive on campus. Additional resources are available for a fee. You are welcome to bring additional tables/display boards only in permitted designated areas only. All resources that are to be used on campus MUST be approved prior to date of arrival.

What to do if there is inclement weather for your date of reservation?

If you have booked an outdoor vendor table and the date of reservation happens to have implement weather – you will be permitted to work with the booking office for an alternative date. We will do the best to fit you in within the following seven (7) business days – but date proximity cannot be guaranteed.

Where are the bathrooms located in proximity to my assigned vendor table?

Please refer to the campus map that you will receive upon arriving to campus from your on-campus contact.

Who should I contact when I arrive on campus if I have a problem?

Please contact the event coordinator/staff person that you worked with to answer any questions that may come up while you are on campus.

Will I have access to power on campus?

Access to power for vendor tables will be provided in select locations (Southwick Cafe, O'Leary Lobby, University Crossing Lobby). 
NOTE: it is the responsibility of the vendor to provide their own extension cord.

Will I have assistance unloading and setting up for my vendor table?

Per the University’s policy 8ft table(s) and chair(s) will be provided to you as part of your reservation. It is the responsibility of the vendor to unload safely, and set up all of their merchandise. University carts and dollies are not to be used by external vendors at any time.

Will there be other vendors in the same area when I am on campus?

Campus policy is that we will not book two external vendors in the same area. Student, faculty, and/or staff information tables may be present in the space.