Renaissance painting from the vatican

Investigating European and global cultures during the Middle Ages and Renaissance (500-1675) has both value and relevance to contemporary American students. This interdisciplinary minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies draws upon classes from the fields of history, English, philosophy, music and art history, and world languages. It provides humanities study for those in the sciences or health and business fields as well as students majoring in the humanities. 

Students interested in contemporary practices such as reenactments, cosplay, Renaissance fairs, historical and fantasy novels, films, or television programs can discover the historical foundations behind this material. Students will learn to perform historically grounded analysis of Medieval and Renaissance culture, its arts, music, literature, and philosophy, as well as political and social systems. They will gain skills in careful research, critical analysis, effective writing and communication. Studying the cultures of the world during the Middle Ages and Renaissance adds to the credentials of those seeking museum, teaching, research, or writing and publishing positions after graduation. 

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