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Bachelor of Liberal Arts - Labor Studies Concentration

BLA Concentration in Labor Studies

An interdisciplinary concentration in Labor Studies will offer students the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of work, workers, and their organizations through an interdisciplinary study rooted in the fields of sociology, political science, economics, organizational development, history, and the law. In thinking across disciplinary boundaries, students in the Labor Studies concentration will be able to develop a specialized understanding of the forces that shape the world of work and the ways social and economic inequality, worker action, technological change, and migration impact labor markets today and in the future. This concentration will offer students interested in labor-related topics a robust course of study that lays a foundation for careers in law, organizational development, labor relations, public policy, workforce development, and human services.

The BLA concentration consists of 18 credits.

Required Courses

A minimum of 6 courses in Labor Studies:

  • SOCI.2450 Introduction to Labor Studies
  • At least one course from the following:
  • Remaining courses from a designated list of approved courses
  • Three of all concentration courses must be at the 3000 level or above
  • No more than two courses from the same department (with exception of Introduction to Labor Studies, which will not be counted towards the sociology maximum)
Please refer to course listing in undergraduate catalog for a complete list of Labor Studies courses.