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Bachelor of Liberal Arts - Art History Concentration

BLA Concentration in Art History

The BLA concentration in Art History includes a comprehensive study of the historical periods, cultural expressions, aesthetic judgments and artistic choices manifested in architecture, painting, sculpture, graphics and related processes, and artifacts from ancient times to the present. By examining the intellectual and scientific events that have shaped the creation of art and civilization, students are able to assess aesthetically and critically the artistic products of past and present cultures. Art History assists students to develop aesthetic, analytical and critical judgments as well as writing and verbal skills.

Required Courses

A minimum of 6 courses in Art History.

  • ARHI.2030 The History of Art I
  • ARHI.2040 The History of Art II
  • 3 Art History courses at the 3000-4000 level
  • 1 Art History course at any level

Please refer to course listing in undergraduate catalog for a complete list of Art History courses.