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American Studies


The University of Massachusetts Lowell offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in American Studies that allows students to choose one of two concentrations:

  • General
  • Sports Studies

Students transferring to the College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences who wish to major in American Studies must make individual arrangements with the coordinator of the program regarding credit for major and collateral course requirements. Some introductory courses at the 1000 level may be applicable to the American Studies major, but they cannot be applied to the first 30 hours of the major.

General Concentration

In the General concentration, students design a major around their interests in American culture, drawing from a broad range of different courses from art history, English, history, legal studies, political science, and sociology. Students often find a topical or thematic focus within the major. 

Sports Studies Concentration

In the Sports Studies concentration, students will study the place of sports in American culture through courses that explore and engage sports directly, contextually, and experientially, with the concentration putting those the disciplines of these courses in dialogue with one another. Anyone working in sports business, for example, needs not only to understand business concepts but also history and sociology, and likely politics and communication.

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For additional information, contact the program coordinator.