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Pre-Law Advising & Programs

Pre-Law Advising and Programs

Law schools do not require any particular undergraduate degree or program when admitting students. The American Bar Association, in fact, recommends that students prepare for law school by taking a variety of courses in the social sciences and humanities, and even the sciences and mathematics. Students, of course, can take courses in law-related subjects as part of their overall general education, but law schools do not give it any additional weight. Law schools do, however, give weight to students who challenge themselves with difficult curriculum choices. Students interested in law school following graduation from the university should consult with one of the university pre-law advisors. 

A student run Pre-Law Society provides a extracurricular activity for students interested in the law. The Pre-Law Society conducts information sessions, forums on various aspects of the law and legal occupations as well as sponsoring the UMass Lowell Mock Trial Team which competes in the American Mock Trial Association tournament each winter and a number of other invitational tournaments. For more information, see Pre-Law website.