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Graduate Student Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Information for Graduate Students

  • Spring 2020 Grading Scheme - There are no changes to the current transfer credit policy, and letter grades are required for transfer consideration.

The following are minimal guidelines for transfer of credit. Individual departments are free to impose more stringent requirements. Only courses completed elsewhere within five years prior to the date of admission to a graduate degree program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell may be considered by the faculty of the department for transfer in accordance with the following regulations.

  1. A maximum total of 12 graduate credits earned with a grade of B or better taken at another accredited institution may be transferred to a master's degree program (see individual programs for further restrictions, if any). A maximum of 24 credits with a grade of B or better may be transferred to a doctoral program. 
  2. Grades of C or better for courses taken at UMass Lowell when the student held non-degree status may also be transferred (by Academic Petition) into a degree program. However, the 6 and 9 credits with grades below a B (graduation limit) for master's and doctoral degrees, respectively, (see Retention Policy) and calculation of the cumulative grade point average based on all graduate courses taken at the University (see Academic Grades) remain in effect.
  3. An official transcript and description of the course(s) must be submitted with the written request.
  4. The courses presented must be from an accredited U.S. or Canadian institution authorized to grant graduate degrees.
  5. The courses presented for a master's degree must not have been used in earning another master's degree.
  6. The courses presented must be appropriate to the degree program for which the applicant is applying.
  7. The courses presented must be graduate level.
  8. Transfer credit may not be granted for research seminars, clinical courses, practica, internships, or special projects.
  9. Transfer credit from another U.S. or Canadian institution must not exceed equivalent course credit (typically 3) at UMass Lowell, and will be based on UMass Lowell's standard of 37.5 semester contact hours being equal to 3 credits. One and two course credit transfers will also be considered providing they are proportional to the 37.5 semester contact hour standard.
  10. Students who wish to transfer credit must file (within the first semester of matriculation) the Academic Petition form available from the Registrar’s Office.
  11. With the approval of the department, a maximum of 6 credits of 4000 level courses taken at the University of Massachusetts Lowell with grades of C or better, not used for the baccalaureate degree, may be considered for transfer and counted toward the graduate degree.