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Microwave & Wireless Engineering

Microwave and Wireless Engineering Certificate

This four course (12 credit) certificate provides engineering professionals with an expanded opportunity to master the theoretical and practical skills in RF and Microwave development and applications, and is appropriate for individuals with undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering and other related engineering areas. For those engineers working in the technical and scientific fields without any previous Microwave background, the certificate can provide them with the knowledge for effectively applying RF/Microwave and Wireless technologies in the design of reliable mission-critical systems.

Upon completion of the certificate, the student can apply to the UMass Lowell MS in Electrical Engineering program. The qualified course credits from this graduate certificate can be applied to the MS degree.

Application and Admissions Requirements

Certificate Application Process:

Individuals must complete a simplified application and provide an official undergraduate transcript indicating that a baccalaureate degree in electrical engineering or closely related discipline has been awarded, GRE scores are not required.

The applicant will follow the procedures described on the Graduate Admissions website. All applications will be reviewed by the ECE MS Graduate Certificate Coordinator in consultation with a RF/Microwave and Wireless Engineering Certificate Coordinator, and a decision will be rendered in writing to the applicant.

NOTE: If the Applicant's bachelor's degree is from outside the U.S., then the applicant may be required to take the TOEFL/IELTS examination.

Certificate Admissions Requirements:

Proof of having earned a baccalaureate degree in electrical engineering, plastics, or mechanical engineering, with emphasis on composite and polymer materials with a GPA of 3.000 or greater.

NOTE: Certificate students who wish to pursue an MS degree upon completion of the certificate, should submit their applications for the Master's degree prior to the completion of four courses, or 12 credits. Transfer credits are limited at twelve (12) credits, and applying before the completion of the certificate will ensure that all courses taken may be considered for credit towards the Master's degree.

Requirements to Complete the Graduate Certificate:

The courses to complete the certificate must be completed within a five-year period, with a GPA >3.0, and with no more than three credits below B. Courses completed for one certificate may not be used to another certificate.

Curriculum Requirements:

Fundamental Core (Choose any two courses - 6 credits)

Application Core (Choose any two courses - 6 credits)

Total Program - 12 credits

For BAE Employees:

A BAE employee will need to complete the following courses to obtain the RF/Microwave and Wireless Engineering Certificate, and to be recognized by BAE Systems internally as proficient in these technologies. This BAE option has a fixed set of four three-credit courses and four one-credit labs. The four one-credit labs that are specific to BAE employees.

Each of the courses offered on the UMass Lowell campus will have the same contents as when it is offered at BAE. Courses offered at BAE locations are open only to BAE employees. Course offered on the UMass Lowell campus are open to all.

Contact Information:

Hualiang Zhang
RF/Microwave and Wireless Engineering Certificate Coordinator
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jay Weitzen
Chair, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Updated 1/17/24