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Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Radio Frequency (RF) & Microwave (MW) Applications

Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Radio Frequency (RF) & Microwave (MW) applications Certificate Program

This four course (12 credit) certificate consists of courses in Polymer Processing, Composite Materials, Microwave Engineering, Antennas. The interdisciplinary, nature of this certificate necessitates courses from three main departments: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, and Plastics Engineering.

Application and Admissions Requirement:

Certificate Application Process:

Individuals must complete a simplified application and provide an official undergraduate transcript indicating that a baccalaureate degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, plastics engineering or closely related discipline has been awarded. GRE scores are not required.

The applicant will follow the procedures described on the Graduate Admissions website. All applications will be reviewed by the ECE MS Graduate Coordinator in consultation with Certificate Coordinator, and a decision will be rendered in writing to the applicant.

NOTE: If the applicant's bachelor's degree is from outside the U.S., then the applicant may be required to take the TOEFL/IELTS examination.

Certificate Admission Requirements:

Proof of having earned a baccalaureate degree in electrical engineering, plastics, or mechanical engineering with emphasis on composite and polymer materials with a GPA of 3.000 or greater.

NOTE: Certificate students who wish to pursue a MS degree upon completion of the certificate, should submit their application for the Master's degree prior to completion of four courses, or 12 credits. Transfer credits are limited at twelve (12) credits, and applying before the completion of the certificate will ensure that all courses taken may be considered for credit towards the Master's degree.

Requirements to Complete the Graduate Certificate:

The courses to complete the certificate must be completed with a five-year period, with a GPA > 3.0, and with no more than three credits below B. Courses completed for one certificate may not be used for another certificate.

Curriculum Requirements:

In EECE, one of the following three courses:

In Mechanical Engineering, one of the following two courses:

  • MECH.5970 Processing of Composites 3 credits
  • MECH.5980 Experimental Characterization of Composites 3 credits

In Plastics Engineering, one of the following three courses:

  • PLAS.5030 Mechanical Behavior of Polymers 3 credits
  • PLAS.5060 Polymer Structure, Properties, and Application 3 credits
  • PLAS.5360 Rheology of Polymers 3 credits

Elective Courses:

The student must choose any one from the following list of courses and any of the courses listed above that they may not have been chosen as one of their required courses. The option of substituting another graduate-level course requires the approval of a certificate coordinator.

Contact Information

Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Radio Frequency (RF) & Microwave (MW) Applications:

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Plastics Engineering