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Degree Pathway - Master of Science in Finance

Suggested Degree Pathway for The Master Of Science In Finance (MSF)

The Master of Science in Finance is a 30-credit program including five required finance courses, a minimum of three finance elective courses, and a maximum of two non-finance elective courses.

Required Finance Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
Subtotal - Number of Core Credits Required15
FINA.6010Corporate Finance3
FINA.6210Securities & Portfolio Management3
FINA.6310Empirical Methods in Finance3
FINA.6750Financial Derivatives3
FINA.6910International Financial Management3

Finance Elective Courses (select a minimum of three)

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
Subtotal - Number of Finance Credits Required9-15
FINA.6020Advanced Corporate Finance3
FINA.6110Financial Statement Analysis3
FINA.6220Advanced Portfolio Management3
FINA.6230Security Analysis/ Student Managed Fund3
FINA.6240Fixed Income Securities3
FINA.6350Programming for Finance3
FINA.6420Decentralized Finance (DeFi)3
FINA.6610Financial Risk Management3
FINA.6710CFA Exam Review3
FINA.6880Current Topics in Finance3
FINA.XXXXAny other graduate (6000 level) Finance course3

Non-Finance Elective Courses (select a maximum of two)

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
Subtotal - Number of Non-Finance Credits Required0-6
ACCT.6010Accounting Information for Management Decisions3
ACCT.6300Taxation of Business Entities3
ACCT.6600Accounting Data Analytics3
ENTR.6350Financing Technology and Innovation Ventures3
MGMT.6150International Business3
MIST.6060Business Intelligence and Data Mining3
MIST.6150Data Quality for Business Analytics3
MIST.6030Database Management3
POMS.6120Statistics for Predictive Analytics3
POMS.6220Decision Analytics3
POMS.6240Analytical Decision Making Tools3
XXXX.XXXXGraduate course approved by the MSF program coordinator3

Total number of courses required for the degree = 10.

Total credit hours required for degree = 30.

Last Updated 5/4/2022.