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Degree Pathway, Master of Science in Business Analytics - Big Data Analytics

Sample Degree Pathway for Master of Science - Business Analytics

The Master of Science in Business Analytics requires 10 courses (30 credits). Students complete a core of 7 required courses (21 credits) and then complete three courses (9 credits) within one of six tracks (Accounting Analytics, Big Data, Healthcare Business Analytics, Managerial Decision Making, Marketing Analytics or Finance Analytics).

Introductory-level business course prerequisites in the following areas are required.

Prerequisite Courses
StatisticsECON.2010 Statistics for business and Economics I3
MATH.2830 Introduction to Statistics, or equivalent3
Management Information Systems (MIS)MIST.2010 Business Information Systems3
MIST.6010 Management Information Systems, or equivalent3

Required Core Courses (7)
Course NumberCourse NameCredit(s)
Subtotal - Number of core credits required21
MIST.6030Database Management3
MIST.6060Business Intelligence and Data Mining3
MIST.6150Data Engineering for Business Analytics3
POMS.6120Statistics for Predictive Analytics3
POMS.6220Decision Analytics3
POMS.6240Analytic Decision Making Tools3




Business Analytics Capstone Project




Big Data Analytics Track Courses (choose 3)

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
MIST.6160Advanced Data Mining
(This course can be substituted with another MSBA elective with approval by the program coordinator).
MIST.6450Information Technology Project Management3
POMS.6020Global Supply Chain Management3
POMS.6030Service Management3
POMS.6040Managerial Quality Control3

Last updated 12/27/18.