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How to Apply

Submit Your Application

Applicants can use the:

If you prefer to mail in a hard copy application, you can print and mail this UMass Lowell application (pdf).

Completed Application Package

In addition to an application for admission, your completed application package will include:

  • The application fee
  • Official Academic Record(s)
    • If you have not yet successfully completed 24 credits of college coursework, you must submit:
      • An official high school transcript. If you have not completed high school, you must submit a copy of the G.E.D. and school transcripts of all high school course work attempted. A high school transcript may be requested of any applicant.
      • A score from the SAT or ACT is not required, but may be submitted.
    • If you have attended a U.S. college/university, you must submit:
      • Official college transcripts, from all colleges attended, sent directly from the Registrar’s office to UMass Lowell.
      • Courses shown as transfer credit on another school's transcript will not be considered official. All official transcripts from each school must be submitted by the school for appropriate evaluation.
      • A list of all courses not shown on transcripts. Use the space designed for this on the application.
    • If you have attended an international college, you are also required to submit the following materials:
      • If English is not your first language and/or the language of instruction at your prior institution was not English, official results from an English language equivalency exam (TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo) are required.
      • Students who have completed the equivalent of UMass Lowell College Writing I and College Writing II with a C or better need not submit English language exam results.
      • All transcripts from international institutions must be evaluated course-by-course by World Education Services (WES).
        NOTE: UMass Lowell requires TWO transcripts, one official transcript, and one evaluated by World Education Services.
      • Course descriptions are required for all of your undergraduate coursework. All transcripts and course descriptions in languages other than English must be translated and notarized by a professional agency.
      • Additional information for international applicants can be found on the International Applicants website.
      • Information for admitted international students (i.e. visa information) can be found on the International Students and Scholars Office website.
  • Mid-Semester Grades
  • Transfer%20College%20ReportTransfer College Report TCReport
    • The Transfer College Report is a student conduct records form that prior institution(s) will send to Undergraduate Admissions. This document must be completed by a college official who is responsible for maintaining student disciplinary records and will indicate whether or not there have been any disciplinary infractions at your college or university. Clicking on the Transfer College Report will bring you to an e-document that will allow you to send the form directly to this college official.
    • A Transfer College Report must be completed for all domestic four-year colleges or universities you have attended in the last ten years.
    • Exceptions for the Transfer College Report requirement include:
      • Second-degree seeking students, non-matriculated coursework students (including dual enrollment) and institutions a student attended more than ten years ago.
  • Special Notes for Specific Degree Programs:
    • Nursing: Please note that we are unable to accept transfer applications for the nursing program.

Application Materials

Application materials may be emailed to: or mailed to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
University Crossing, Suite 420
220 Pawtucket St.
Lowell, MA 01854-2874

Application Deadlines

  • Fall semester: August 15 (this deadline is a priority deadline; we will consider completed applications after this date). August 2 for International Transfer Applicants.
  • Spring semester: January 7 (this includes the application itself and all transcripts and other supporting documentation). The deadline of December 12 for International Transfer Applicants has passed.
  • Please note, all enrolled students are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to the beginning of the semester to live, learn or visit any UMass Lowell campus or property. For the Spring semester, documentation will need to be uploaded no later than January 10, 2022.

Re-Admission to UMass Lowell

If you have previously been enrolled at UMass Lowell, you are considered a re-admit student. Download an application for re-admission. Questions should be directed to the Solution Center by email: