The Joint Admissions program acknowledges the benefits of students who transfer to UML with an associate’s degree. We recognize and appreciate all the positive contributions that community college students make to our university.

Get Started

Joint Admissions to UMass Lowell provides students with a clear path to transfer and enhances the transfer process between our institution and local community colleges. Benefits of participating in the program include an application fee waiver and priority course registration.
  • Northern Essex Community College (NECC) applicants will indicate their interest in the Joint Admissions program with UMass Lowell on their NECC application. NECC will send interested students a communication from UMass Lowell that allows students to opt-into the program. NECC will provide UMass Lowell with the directory information for these students.
    Students who participate in the program will receive the following benefits:
    • Work with a dedicated Joint Admissions counselor
    • Ability to attend at least two transfer events a year covering the Joint Admissions process
    • Free bus transportation to one UMass Lowell campus event a year
    • Priority consideration of merit scholarships (minimum GPA required)
    • Admitted students will be permitted to register for their first semester on  the same date as current UML students with 60 or more credits. 
    When students are ready to transfer to UMass Lowell, they must complete the following steps:
    1. Submit an application and an official NECC Transcript
    2. If applicable, submit all other official college transcripts and Transfer College Reports
    3. Meet the stated admission criteria below

    Admissions Criteria

    1. NECC graduates will be admitted to UML with a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.000 or required cumulative GPA for graduation from NECC
    2. Please note this program does not apply to the UMass Lowell Nursing Program.
    3. Some programs have additional requirements which must be met before admission will be offered. Applicants should discuss their intended major with the designated counselor.
    Please note that any terms in the Joint Admission agreement that are conflicting with the Mass Transfer and Commonwealth Commitment shall be superseded by the established Mass Transfer and Commonwealth Commitment Program. 

    Reverse Transfer

    Students who transfer before they receive their associates degree are encouraged to participate in Reverse Transfer. The students who fit this category will have names and directory information shared back with NECC.

    Transfer Credits

    NECC A.A. and A.S. graduates are eligible to receive up to 60 transfer credits, not exceeding 75 transfer credits. Only courses completed with a grade of “C-“ or higher will be accepted for transfer.
    Students who complete the A.A. or A.S. degree at NECC shall be exempt from completing UMass Lowell’s Core Curriculum as those requirements are considered to have been met at NECC.