As an environmental science major, you'll gain the tools needed to address today’s environmental and sustainability challenges.

What courses will you take?

UMass Lowell student measuring a soil core sample

The B.S. in Environmental Science at UMass Lowell is highly interdisciplinary. You will take courses offering a comprehensive understanding about the earth, the environment and human impacts, as well as a firm base in science and mathematics. 

Many of our courses provide hands-on experiences through field trips, applied measurements in the field and analyses in analytical laboratories to measure major and trace elements and pollutants.  

At UMass Lowell, we offer two options, which lead to a wide range of career opportunities.

  • Environmental Science Option — Gain an understanding of human impacts on the environment and major environmental challenges, including climate change, pollution and sustainability. You will graduate prepared for employment in the private and government sectors. 
  • Geoscience Option — Gain knowledge in the geologic environment, including mineral resources, geochemistry and paleoclimatology. You will graduate qualified for a variety of geological employment opportunities in the petroleum and mining industries. This concentration also is recommended for students who wish to obtain certification as earth science teachers. 

View the Academic Catalog for a complete course listing and to learn about the Geology minor and Climate Change and Sustainability minor.

Why study environmental science at UMass Lowell?

Woman hiking in Antarctica

Research Opportunities

Work with UMass Lowell faculty on current research, including:

  • Chemical analyses of trace metals and stable isotopes
  • Field research across the globe from the Arctic to Antarctica
  • Global-scale and regional weather and climate modeling
Professor Frank Colby of the EEAS department pointing to large, interactive weather monitor

Digital Weather Wall

Our Digital Weather Wall allows for real-time forecasting and analyses of weather and climate patterns on a large high-resolution display.
Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Science Department’s Environmental Science Seminar conducted a recycling audit of the recycling bins in the Olney Science Center.

Fun Outside the Classroom

Put your learning into practice. Check out some of the fun ways UML students come together.

UMass Lowell environmental science student looks through a microscope as two other students stand nearby looking at a rock sample

Bachelor’s-to-Master's Program

Get on the fast track to an advanced degree with our combined bachelor's-to-master's program.

  • Available to juniors and seniors with a grade point average of 3.0 or better
  • Offers a continuous, coordinated sequence of courses
  • Reduced credit-hour requirements can save you time and money

What can you do with a degree in environmental science?

UMass Lowell's Environmental Science program prepares students for careers in environmental, geoscience, climate and sustainability fields in the private, public and nonprofit sectors or to continue on to graduate school.

Man working with rocks in Antarctica

Our alumni are employed in:

  • Research and environmental consulting and industries
  • Flood prediction and management
  • Water/air/soil pollution control and remediation
  • Traditional and renewable energy research
  • Resource exploration and development
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Sustainability
  • K-12 education