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Environmental, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

The Department of Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EEAS) covers the interdisciplinary study of the earth and its atmosphere. Our students and faculty are passionate about understanding earth systems and applying that knowledge to solve environmental and sustainability challenges.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to excel in education and research in Earth system sciences and human-environmental interactions. We aim to provide students with the scientific basis to work in geology, meteorology, atmospheric sciences and environmental science, and promote sustainability at all levels in society.

Researcher Spotlight

Ericka Boudreau, an undergraduate student collecting samples of sandstone with Asst. Prof. Richard Gaschnig in southwestern Oregon.

Meet rising researcher Ericka Boudreau, an undergraduate student who found herself in southwestern Oregon collecting samples of sandstone with Asst. Prof. Richard Gaschnig.

They are conducting research on the origins and potential movement of rocks along the west coast in North America.

Read more about Ericka on the UMass Lowell Research blog.

Professor Frank Colby of the EEAS department pointing to large, interactive weather monitor

Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science Starting Fall 2020!

We have reactivated our Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science and the program is now open for freshman and transfer student enrollment.

Existing students enrolled in the Environmental Science major: Atmospheric Science option can transfer to the new major. As with our current option in Atmospheric Science, the new major fulfills the federal requirements for Meteorologist, while covering the broader Atmospheric Science including climate science and air pollution.

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Eric Roy '22 Meteorology and Mathematics

Eric Roy started doing meteorological research on campus the summer after his freshman year – and then won two research internships with government agencies.

I can’t say enough good things about UML and how they’ve helped me.