• Alkim Akyurtlu
    Professor, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, Director (UML) - RURI, Director - PERC
    Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Additive Manufacturing, Printed Electronics, Additive Packaging, Metamaterials

  • Daniel Hines, Ph.D.
    Director (Raytheon), RURI
    Raytheon UMass Lowell Research Institute (RURI)
  • Corey Shemelya
    Assistant Professor; Associate Director - Raytheon UMass Lowell Research Institute (RURI)
    Electrical & Computer Engineering, PERC, RURI

    Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Printed Electronics, RF, Microwaves, Metasurface, IR-Vis and THz Photonics

  • John Lovaasen
    Directed Research PI, RURI
    Raytheon UMass Lowell Research Institute (RURI)

    Senior Engineer, Raytheon Technologies, RMD

  • Craig Armiento
    Professor Emeritus, Retired Director, Printed Electronics Research Collaborative (PERC), Retired Co-Director, Raytheon-UMass Lowell Research Institute (RURI); Director, Center for Photonics, Electromagnetics and Nanoelectronics (CPEN)
    Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Printed Electronics, Photonics, Semiconductor Devices, Fiber Optic Communications

  • Mary Herndon
    Raytheon UMass Lowell Research Institute (RURI)

    Sr. Principal Engineer, Raytheon Integrated Defense System

  • Oshadha Ranasingha
    Assistant Professor
    Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, PERC, RURI

    Novel functional materials for printed electronics and additive manufacturing, Synthesis and characterization of different types of nanomaterials, RF and microwave device characterization, Rapid prototyping

  • Guinevere Strack, Ph.D.
    Deputy Director of the Printed Electronics Research Collaborative (PERC)
    Printed Electronics Research Collaborative (PERC)

    printed electronics, low-thermal budget curing, conductive inks, wearable electronics, nanofabrication, electrochemistry, sensors

Affiliated Faculty

  • Jasmina Burek
    Assistant Professor, CWW Associate
    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Center for Women and Work (CWW), Climate Change Initiative (CCI), PERC, RURI

    Applying engineering and decision-making models to find solutions to climate change and environmental problems, energy and process modeling, multi-objective optimization, sustainability, system modeling and optimization for energy resilience, life cycle assessment (LCA), techno-economic analysis (TEA), climate smart housing, food insecurity in the cold supply chain, and handprint assessment.

  • James Reuther, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
  • Paul Robinette, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    Electrical & Computer Engineering, PERC, RURI, Robotics

Affiliated Research Centers: NSF Nanomanufacturing Center

  • Joey Mead
    University Professor, Co-Director of Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence; Deputy Director, NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing; Center Director, SHAP3D
    Plastics Engineering

    Rubber technology, thermoplastic elastomers, design, properties and processing of elastomers, nano materials.

  • Carol Barry
    Chair, Professor
    Plastics Engineering

    Plastics processing, including extrusion, injection molding, and novel processing techniques; nanomanufacturing with polymers; 3D printing

Affiliated Research Centers: HEROES

  • Ramaswamy Nagarajan, Ph.D.
    Distinguished University Professor, Co-Director of HEROES
    Plastics Engineering, HEROES, Fabric Discovery Center, PERC, Nanomanufacturing Center for Excellence, NERVE, RURI, LoCSST,

    Sustainable approaches to polymers, additives and multifunctional materials, structure-property-utility relationships of plastics and elastomers. Polymers and additives from renewable resources. Thermal & morphological characterization of materials, prototyping and scalable manufacture of flexible electronic products.