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Emerging Scholars Projects

Discover current Emerging Scholars Projects! See previous projects below.

Emerging Scholars Projects 2019-2020

Who Cares? Understanding the New Landscape of Elder Care
Mignon Duffy, Associate Professor of Sociology
Andrew Hostetler, Associate Professor of Psychology
Franchesca Arias, Sociology
Paige DePasquale, Psychology

Heart and Soul: Building Community, Economic Development and Pride in Deindustrialized Rural America
Teresa Irene Gonzales, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Elizabeth Thissell, Sociology

The EcoSonic Playground Project (ESPP)
Elissa Johnson-Green, Assistant Professor of Music and Music Education
Caitlin Sampson, Music Studies

The Library of New England Immigration
Ingrid Hess, Assistant Profess of Art and Design
Hue Le, Graphic Design

Lessons from Myanmar’s Facebook-Driven Genocide: The Divisive Potential of Social Media in an Intolerant Society
Jennifer Whitten-Woodring, Associate Professor of Political Science
Catherine Abou-Khalil, Political Science
Emelia Misail, English

Looking Back and Moving Forward: A Systematic Review of Poly-Victimization Literature
Yahayra Michel-Smith, Assistant Teaching Professor School of Criminology and Justice Studies
Sara Tolpin, Sociology

Learning and Adaptation among Terrorist Groups
Christopher Linebarger, Assistant Professor School of Criminology and Justice Studies
Vanessa Giacoumakis, Psychology

Symbolism and Substance: A Dialectic Investigation of Political Imagery and Administrative Materialism
Aaron Smith-Walter, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Christian Angelucci, Political Science

Save Venice
Christopher Carlsmith, Professor of History
Magdalene Stathas, Psychology

Past Emerging Scholar Projects

To learn more about what the students have done, view their mid-year presentations.

These articles document past Emerging Scholar Projects in action!

The Emerging Scholars Program is administered by the Center for Women & Work, and funded by the Office of the Financial Aid and the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

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