Center for Community & Research Evaluation (CCRE) staff, UMass Lowell faculty and students, in collaboration with the community stakeholders who have requested the university's assistance, exercise knowledge and practice in several areas.

• Quantitative and qualitative needs assessment and research methods;
• Culturally competent program evaluation, planning and implementation;
• Facilitation of strategic planning processes;
• Helping to develop logic models for client grant applications and program implementers;
• Understanding of housing policy and practices; 
• The impact of environmental factors on health; and
• Issues of gender, social and health equity.
Community leaders can make a request of CCRE, as well as faculty members, when they seek collaboration and deepened knowledge of policy, practice and research concerned with strengthening communities. 
Community leaders, as well as faculty members, can request CCRE's services for policy, practice and research concerning strengthening communities.  
Contact: Robin Toof with questions or requests.