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Select Design Team

For the participatory program to succeed, the Design Team must truly include and represent line-level workers. This page offers guidance on selecting the Design Team. 

Who Should Select the Design Team?

A Steering Committee of managers, once formed, should identify and recruit members for the design team. The committee should select individuals whose backgrounds, interests and skills will best serve the purpose of the program.


What Are the Selection Criteria? 

Members of a Design Team must be:
  1. Able to represent, as a group, the full array of line-level jobs and task environments. 
  2. Able to represent, as a group, the demographics of line-level workers (ethnicity, age, seniority, union membership).
  3. Committed to health and safety and/or improving the workplace.
  4. Willing to work together with other team members.
  5. Open to learning new skills (e.g., team brainstorming, a combination of ergonomics & health promotion).
  6. Able to function as an opinion leader among their peers (respected for their ideas, able to muster coworker support).
  7. Able to meet on a regular basis ( every two to three weeks 1 ½ hour meetings initially, monthly when program is up and running). 

How Large Should the Design Team be?

A Design Team will ideally have 6-8 members, depending on the number of line-level jobs and employee demographics.  In cases where regular attendance is not possible (e.g., rotating shifts), design team meetings should have a minimum of 4 members present at a meeting -- although of course, it is more desirable to form a larger design team, so that 6-8 members are present at all times.  During the start-up period, all design team members should be present for training and group exercises.