Nuclear Engineering Reactor core from above

Guide for Radiation Workers

All radiation workers should periodically review the items listed in this guide to gauge th  their knowledge and understanding of our radiation safety program.

  1. Am I familiar with my annual radiation exposure limits (dose limits) as dictated in federal regulation 10CFR20 and state regulation 105CMR120? 
    • Whole Body: 5 rem/year 
    • Organ/skin: 50 rem/year 
    • Eye: 15 rem/year
  2. Have I undergone proper training for working in a radiation lab? 
    • Have I undergone through the mandatory initial basic radiation safety training session offered by the Radiation Safety Office? 
    • Have I been given an introductory safety tour by the authorized user or his/her designee to help me become familiar with specific laboratory safety and safety related procedures? 
    • Have I been trained in the procedures for which I am expected to perform? 
    • Do I need retraining in any of the above topics?
  3. Am I familiar with the radioactive sources located within the laboratory? 
    • What isotopes are used in the laboratory? 
    • Are there any special safety concerns for any of these isotopes?  (Example, tritiated water (3H2O) absorption through skin) 
    • Am I familiar with the experimental protocols for these isotopes? 
    • Have I been trained in the use of these isotopes?
  4. Do I understand the requirements for using radioactive materials? 
    • Do I record the use or removal of radioactive material from a stock solution (Rad Use and Disposal Form, or equivalent)? 
    • Do I use or have available portable survey meters during an experiment* ? 
    • Do I wear proper dosimetry when applicable (film badge, ring badge)? 
    • Do I survey my work area at the end of each experimental work day? 
    • Do I document my survey and place the results on file? 
    • Do I properly handle any radioactive waste generated during the course of the experiment (as per HPP-5)? 
    • Do I document radioactive waste production as per HPP-5?
  5. Am I familiar with the radioactive devices located within the laboratory? 
    • Where are the devices located 
    • What are the safety protocols observed when the device is operational? 
    • If I am an operator of the device, have I been trained in its operation?  Is the training documented (memo, etc…)?
  6. Where are all radiation related records/documents kept? 
    • Area/contamination surveys 
    • Radioactive material inventory (e.g. Rad Use and Disposal Form or eqv’t) 
    • Waste inventory 
    • Radiation related memos
  7. Do I understand radioactive waste handling and storage procedures? 
    • Waste handling procedures specific to my laboratory 
    • Procedures required by HPP-5?
  8. Am I comfortable in using a portable survey instrument? Do I: 
    • Check battery signal before use 
    • Check instrument response before 
    • i. Check background response or rad. source response for GM
    • ii. Check response to radioactive check source if ion chamber. 
    • Check to make sure that the instrument is calibrated and within its calibration period? 
    • Set the instrument to the proper meter scale (x1, x10, etc) and understand how to interpret the instrument response reading?
  9. Am I familiar with the general laboratory emergency response procedures such as radioactive material spill handling, area decontamination, etc…?

  10. Am I familiar with university controls for contaminated areas? 
    • Beta radiation – maximum 500 dpm per 100 cm2 area.
    • Alpha radiation – maximum 50 dpm per 100 cm2 area. 
    • Tritium (special beta case) – maximum 1,000 dpm per 100 cm2 area. 
    • Have I been instructed what to do if any of the above levels   of contamination are exceeded?
    • Alert the Authorized User and/or Radiation Safety Office
    • If not cleaned up, have the Radiation Safety Office post the area as a Contamination Area 
    • If I am working with radioactive material and I accidentally spill a small   quantity of radioactive material onto my workplace, do I know how to properly clean /decontaminate the area?
  11. Do I understand posting requirements for radiation fields? 
    • Radiation Area – 5 mrem/hr 30 cm or greater from a source
    • High Radiation Area – 100 mrem/hr 30 cm or greater
  12. Do I understand that I am responsible for the security of the laboratory and of the radioactive material used within?
*Not applicable for tritium (3H) use and not required for 14C use.