Information Technology

IT Project Gives $3M Boost to Wireless Access, Academic Bandwidth Needs. Campus Wi-Fi is faster and more far-reaching than ever thanks to the university’s three-year, $3 million information technology infrastructure improvement project.
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Now that the university's data center has moved to a state-of-the-art facility in Shrewsbury, we won't have to worry about outages in the Olsen Hall basement threatening to destroy the hardware responsible for all information technology on campus.

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The next time you’re at University Crossing and your cell phone battery is running low, you can get a fast, free and secure one-hour boost at the new phone charging kiosk made by local startup company Veloxity founded by 2 UMass Lowell seniors.
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The word “sandbox” may conjure up childhood memories of toy shovels and Tonka trucks, but in the computing world a “sandbox” is a secure environment in which developers can create and test new software.
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