After your presentation is complete, you'll need to archive your thesis/project in the correct format.

Requirements for the Archivable Document

  • Completed Honors Thesis/Project Completion form (Docusign form)
  • A written archivable document as part of your Honors Thesis/Project
  • If you completed a THESIS the final document should be written and formatted in the style of an academic article in your discipline
  • If you completed a PROJECT the style and format of your archivable document varies based on the type of project completed. Types of Honors Project Archival Documents include:
    • Project Completion Report
    • Marketing Strategy accompanied by a project statement
    • Design Schematics accompanied by a project statement
    • Process Book
    • Storyboards, Musical Scores, Scripts, etc. accompanied by an Artist's Statement
    • Creative Writing Project with Author's Statement
    • If you completed an Honors add-on to your Capstone Project for your Honors Project include the discussion of your add-on in your project completion report
  • There is no official length requirement, but most run between 25-50 pages
  • Use a citation style appropriate for discipline and use one citation style throughout (i.e., IEEE for Engineering, APA for Social Sciences, Chicago for Economics, etc.)
  • Include any presentation slides as an appendix
  • Examples of past projects are available here: Honors Thesis Project Archive
  • Submit a pdf of your Archival Document, appendices, and sources: i.e., project completion report, project reflection, a process book, a work of fiction, a musical score, a business plan, a marketing strategy, design schematics, scripts, or other non-traditional document to the Honors College by uploading it to the HONR 4910 Course Shell
  • Include your name and year of graduation in the filename of your thesis / project (Doe_Jane_2019_HonorsProject)

Promissory Notes and Future Publications

If you plan to publish your Honors Thesis/Project submit a promissory note to the Honors College stating you will provide a copy of the published version of your Honors Thesis/Project to the Honors College.

Online Archiving

If you wish to archive your Honors Thesis/Project online:

  • Register for Honors Thesis Research at the start of the semester in which you will present and submit your thesis/project.
    • Honors Thesis Research is a zero-credit course that allows you access to the Honors Thesis/Project Archive portal and Presentation Scheduling resources on Blackboard. Honors Thesis Research DOES NOT take the place of your for-credit H7 and H8 courses.
  • Indicate your consent to online archiving on your Thesis/Project Completion Form
  • Write a 100-word abstract for your thesis/project
  • Identify 5 keywords for your thesis/project
  • Visit the UMass Lowell Digication website
    • Select Honors College Project/Thesis Portfolio Template
    • Follow the steps in the screenshot guide (pdf) to upload your Honors Thesis/Project materials
    • After uploading your materials publish your thesis/project portfolio either to UML or make it public