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Honors College students pose at the 20th anniversary celebration.

E1 Requirement

What is an E1?

The E1 is the enrichment requirement for the Honors College. Students are required to complete one E1 for every semester they are an active Honors student. E1s are events that are academically, culturally, or socially enriching in some capacity. These events must be outside of a student’s major, and cannot be a requirement for a class the student is taking. The E1 consists of two activities:

  1. Attending an event.
  2. Submitting a written reaction to the event using an E1 form. The submission must be within two weeks of the event.

Many events that occur on campus, including any event hosted by the Honors College, would qualify as an E1. For example, any guest speaker on campus, a production by the Off-Broadway Players, an academic colloquium, any of the Speaker Series hosted by the Honors Ambassador Council, or a variety of other events put on by University departments and student organizations. We keep an event calendar so students can easily find out what is happening. If you know about an event and would like it to be added as an E1 opportunity please email, Megan Hadley.

Honors will make announcements through our listserv about events that qualify as an E1 event as we find out about them, but more events happen on campus than we know about! If students are interested in going to an event that they believe may count as an E1, they can ask! Just email Honors or Megan Hadley.

How do you complete an E1?

First, attend the event!

After the event, you can fill out the E1 form and type up the response. On the form itself, you can fill in your name, ID, major, and some basic information about the event. Then, you will be required to complete a one-page, double-spaced typed write-up about their experience during the event.

The E1 form provides instructions and questions to help guide responses. You are not graded on the E1 response, but we do want you to put thought and effort into your writing. The brief reaction paper is meant to be a quick exercise in critical thinking.

After the E1 form and response are completed, you must submit your form to Honors within two weeks of the event. From there, the E1 will be reviewed, and the submission will either be approved or rejected. You will receive an email regarding the status of their E1. If it’s approved, your E1 requirement for the semester has been satisfied! If it has been rejected, you will receive an email explaining why and possibly giving you the opportunity to re-write it.

Please remember that, to be approved, E1s are due within two weeks after the event.

And that’s it! As long as you do at least one E1 a semester, you’ll be right on track. E1s are designed to enrich students, and encourage you to be more involved with what is going on in the campus community and the world. It is a crucial component to the Honors College experience for students. We want you to enjoy these events and learn from them!

If you have any questions about the E1 process, or want to know if an event will count as an E1, please feel free to email Megan Hadley or the general Honors email.

Here is an example of what an E1 should look like: Sample E1 (pdf).

Here is the form that you will need to fill out and submit: E1 Form (pdf).

Are you putting on an event that you think would count as an E1? Let us know! We can publish information about the event to our Honors students.