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Nursing DNP

Student Projects

The scholarly project is planned and designed through a sequence of four courses which are typically the last four courses a student takes in the program. The project is a culmination of work done throughout the DNP program that demonstrates the ability of the students to effect positive change in health care settings through careful synthesis of evidence and evaluate the effectiveness of the change.

Types of scholarly projects (but not limited to):

  • Quality Improvement
  • Financial Analysis to Compare Models of Care
  • Implement and Evaluate Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines
  • Design and Evaluate New Models of Care
  • Analyze a Policy and Revise and Implement the amended policy.
  • Develop and Implement a New Policy

Below is a list of the scholarly projects completed by recent graduates:

  • A Primary Care Approach to Increasing WIC Participation
  • A Quality Improvement Project to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates through an Educational Intervention to Primary Care Nurse Practitioners
  • Addressing Workplace Bullying Among Nurses at a Community Hospital
  • Advance Care Planning Complexities for Nurse Practitioners
  • An Evaluation Of A Nutritional Intervention With Latino Children And Their Families To Prevent Childhood Obesity
  • An Intervention to Increase HPV Vaccine Initiation Rates in Adolescent Males
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for PTSD in a Veteran Population
  • Assessment of the Full Term Newborn's Oxygen Saturation during Infant Car Seat Challenge
  • Diagnostic Errors: Impact of an Educational Intervention on Pediatric Primary Care
  • Does Knowledge of Sleep Physiology Impact College Students’ Sleep Habits
  • Emergency Preparedness Policy and Practice in Massachusetts Hospitals: A Case Study
  • Enhancing Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Knowledge and Intent for Use: A Provider Educational Approach
  • Evaluation of a Train-the-Trainer Learning Module for LTC Nursing Staff on Anti-Psychotic Use
  • Hepatitis C Screening, Diagnosis and Follow-Up
  • Impact of Nurse Practitioners’ Mortality Risk Assessment on Advance Care Planning Discussions and Patient Outcomes
  • Informed Consent for Cancer Clinical Trials: An Educational Intervention to Improve Knowledge and Communication Skills for Nurses
  • Inpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation in a LTC Facility: Short-Term Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction
  • Intervention to Improve Nurses' Recognition and Treatment of Delirium in Older Adults on a Neuroscience Unit
  • Kids. Pets. Life is Good. Pet Ownership and Quality of Life in Children.
  • Latino Attitudes Toward Mental Health and Its Impact in Access to Treatment
  • Nurse Practitioners, Electronic Health Records and Chronic Disease Management
  • Openness to Diversity: Student Nurses and Patients Tell Their Stories
  • Patient Outcomes & Satisfaction with Care Following Palliative Care Consultation
  • Patient Satisfaction with Nurse Practitioner Care in a College Health Center
  • Perception of Mental Illness amongst the Nigerian-Born Immigrant Population in the Greater Lynn/Boston area.
  • Practice Challenges Through Education Redesign
  • Reminiscing Groups: Promoting Mental Health Among Older Adults
  • STOP-Bang Questionnaire Screening for Sleep Apnea Treatment in an Outpatient Surgical Center
  • The Implementation and Evaluation of a Psychiatric Nursing Preceptor Program
  • Use of Asthma Action Plan by Massachusetts School Nurses

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