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Doctor of Philosophy in Global Studies

The Ph.D. in Global Studies is an interdisciplinary program offered through the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, administered by the Department of Political Science, with an interdisciplinary faculty group representing a range of disciplines, including Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. 

The Ph.D. program in Global Studies at UMass Lowell offers three areas of concentration to meet the specific research interests of students.

  1. Theory in Global Studies: understanding of the theoretical underpinnings and rapidly emerging new paradigms of global studies
  2. Security and Human Rights: understanding of political regime legitimacy, criminal justice systems and the rule of law in order to understand how governments and multinational organizations respond to security threats.
  3. International Political Economy and Development: understanding of economic, political and social development around the globe.

For the latest course information, including degree pathways, please consult the UMass Lowell Graduate Academic Catalog.

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Graduates of this Ph.D. program will be able to:

  • Utilize qualitative and/or quantitative methods to conduct research on major issues related to globalization.
  • Assess the effectiveness of organizations and programs.
  • Publicize best practices and innovative findings through teaching, presentations, and publications in various formats.

Graduates of the Ph.D. program will also demonstrate the following knowledge competencies:

  • Knowledge in globally shared political, social, economic and security issues.
  • Current academic research in the fields covered by two of the program areas of study (Conflict, Cooperation, Security and Human Rights; International Political Economy, Trade and Development; or Theory in Global Studies) as well as a broad familiarity with key topics in all three areas.
  • An understanding of the key concepts, theories, and methodology in the new and emerging field of Global Studies.
  • An understanding of the diverse aspects of global civil society--such as political economy, security, human rights, religion, ethical and historical perspectives--that affect our contemporary world in significant ways.
  • A working knowledge of the organizations, institutions and global systems having important roles in the development and maintenance of global civil society, human rights and social justice and economic growth and stability.
  • Advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Research and Teaching Positions

The Global Studies program offers funding packages to all full time students. This funding includes a combination of Teaching/Research Assistantships and tuition waivers.

Graduate assistants work 18 hours per week and are assigned to faculty members within a department of FAHSS to assist in research, instruction, and other professional duties. GTAs and GRAs are assigned as instructors or researchers within departments that match their competencies and research interests, as well as satisfy the needs of the departments.

Why study global studies at UMass Lowell?

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Diverse Faculty

Our faculty are from a wide range of disciplines and research interests.


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Interdisciplinary Focus

Our innovative interdisciplinary program trains students in social scientific methods and inquiry, while offering a strong foundation in humanities-based theory and knowledge. 

Academic Catalog

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Funding Opportunities

All accepted full time students will receive funding opportunities through TA or RA positions.

Funding Opportunities