Global Studies offers an interdisciplinary education that provides students with the tools to develop a sophisticated understanding of, and creative solutions to, multiple global challenges from climate change to migration and conflict.

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Graduates of the Global Studies program will be able to:

  1. Utilize qualitative and/or quantitative methods to conduct research on major issues of contemporary global significance.
  2. Understand policies key to addressing critical global problems, ranging from migration to conflict and climate change. 
  3. Publicize best practices and innovative findings through teaching, presentations, and publications in various formats.

Meet Some of Our Students

Ardeth Thawnghmung walks with Naw Moo Moo Paw
Naw Moo Moo Paw
Global Studies

UML faculty sprang into action to help clear a path for Naw Moo Moo Paw’s arrival from her native to Myanmar to come to UMass Lowell to pursue a Ph.D. in Global Studies.

We are used to living in a conflict area, used to running around bullets.
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UMass Lowell student Elsabel Rincon talks with Professor Angélica Durán-Martínez
Elsabel Rincon '25
Global Studies

Elsabel Rincon started a nonprofit to help immigrants.

Over and over, whether in domestic violence or housing, barriers around immigration kept coming up.
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Global Studies doctoral student Juan Boungou gives a presentation
Juan Boungou '22
Global Studies

Juan Boungou, a former Fulbright Fellow, started a nonprofit for underprivileged youth in the Republic of the Congo. Now he’s earning his Ph.D. in global studies to expand his learning and his impact.

UMass Lowell is a cornerstone for me because it’s a very welcoming university.
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Najifa Tanjeem headshot
Najifa Tanjeem '25
Global Studies

Najifa Tanjeem came to UML to work with a psychology professor.

I was fascinated by her activist and feminist research.
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