Is the Global Studies Program a good fit for me?

The Global Studies program is a good fit for students looking for an interdisciplinary approach to understanding economic, political social, cultural and historical forces.

What are the admission requirements for the Global Studies program?

Ideal candidates for the Global Studies at UMass Lowell will submit the following materials by February 1:
1. Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts  
2. Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores
3. Three Letters of recommendation
4. A personal statement
5. A curriculum vitae summarizing education, work and public service experiences
Read more about admission requirements in the Academic Catalog.

Is a masters degree required?

No, applicants with bachelor’s degrees are encouraged to apply, but it will take students with only a bachelor’s degree longer to complete the program.

How long will the Global Studies program take to complete?

Students in the Global Studies program are required to take 75 credits of coursework. For more information, please review the Academic Catalog.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes, Global Studies students that are enrolled full-time will be provided tuition as well as stipend in the form of a research or teacher assistantship. For more information please visit our funding opportunities page.

Which areas of focus are there?

The Global Studies program offers three focus areas: Theory in Global Studies, Conflict, Cooperation, Security and Human Rights and International Political Economy, Trade and Development.  For thorough descriptions and courses offered please visit the academic catalog.

Where can I get more information about Global Studies at UMass Lowell?

Please contact and a representative will be happy to discuss the program and how it might fit with your goals and aspirations.

What careers will the Global Studies program prepare me?

Graduates will be prepared to embark upon jobs in academia, as well as private and public research institutions.

Do I need to know specifically what I want to research when I apply?

Applicants should have a general direction or research interest when applying to the program.  It is expected that these interests will shift and develop as students go through the program.