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Spring classes begin Jan. 25 as fully remote, 25% transition to in-person Feb. 1. For more information, visit COVID website.

Faculty & Staff

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has 28 tenured/tenure-track professors, 6 teaching professors, and 2 staff members.

For the latest course information please visit the UMass Lowell online Academic Catalog.

Department Administration

Department Chairman and HeadMartin Margala978-934-2986
Associate ChairmanJay Weitzen978-934-3315
Associate Chair for Undergraduate ProgramsJay Weitzen978-934-3315
Associate Chair for Graduate MS ProgramsXuejun Lu978-934-3359
Associate Chair for Graduate PhD ProgramsAlkim Akyurtlu978-934-3336
Graduate Internship ProgramMartin Margala978-934-2986

Faculty Directory

Akyurtlu, Alkim978-934-3336Ball Hall
Armiento, Craig978-934-3395Ball Hall
Chandra, Kavitha978-934-3356Falmouth Hall
Chigan, Tricia978-934-3364Ball Hall
Dutta, Joyita978-934-5879Ball Hall
Geiger, Michael978-934-3618Ball Hall
Hu, Tingshu978-934-4374Ball Hall
Lin, Yuzhang978-934-3300Ball Hall 3rd
Luo, Yan978-934-2592Ball Hall
Lu, Xuejun978-934-3359Ball Hall
Mad’D, Mufeed978-934-3317Ball Hall
Margala, Martin978-934-2986Ball Hall
McPherson, Ryan978-934-3300Ball Hall
Megherbi, Dalila B.978-934-3307Ball Hall
Millithaler, Jean-Francois978-934-3144Ball Hall
Pakdelian, Siavash978-934-5826Ball Hall
Palma, John978-934-2387Ball Hall
Papagiannopoulou, Dimitra978-934-5490Ball Hall
Prasad, Kanti978-934-3326Ball Hall
Robinette, Paul978-934-3347Ball Hall 3rd
Schmid, Cordula978-934-1922Ball Hall 3rd
Shemelya, Corey978-934-6209Ball Hall
Son, Seung Woo978-934-6846Ball Hall
Therrien, Joel978-934-3324Ball Hall
Thompson, Charles978-934-3360Kitson Hall
Tredeau, Frank978-934-3572Ball Hall
Vokkarane, Vinod978-934-3345Ball Hall
Wakim, Rachel978-934-5216Ball Hall
Wang, Xingwei978-934-1981Ball Hall
Weitzen, Jay978-934-3315Ball Hall
Wickramarathne, Thanuka978-934-5375Ball Hall
Wong, Man Hoi978-934-3300Ball Hall
Yu, Hengyong978-934-6756Ball Hall
Zhang, Hualiang978-934-5376Kitson Hall

Emeritus Professor Directory

Cheney, George P978-934-3331Ball Hall
Clark, Donn978-934-3341Ball Hall
Kalluri, Dikshitulu510-559-8038Ball Hall 3rd
Mil'Shtein, Samson978-934-3310Ball Hall 3rd
Tran, Anh978-934-3306Ball Hall 3rd
Wunsch, David978-934-3306Cumnock Hall

Staff Directory

Dohn BowdenECE Lab ManagerDohn_Bowden@uml.edu978-934-3514
Senait HaileselassieTechnical StaffSenait_Haileselassie@uml.edu978-934-3342