Civil Engineering Female Student Looking through tunnel like structure
Sheree Pagsuyoin
Sheree PagsuyoinAssistant Professor

Selected Publications

  • Barajas, J.R., Pagsuyoin, S., Bacani, F., Santos, J., Girard, R., Tan, A.O., Razon, L., Almendrala, M., Latayan, J.S. (2016) "Moringa-Functionalized Rice Husk Ash for Potential Use in Water Disinfection,"
  • Couperus, N.P., Pagsuyoin, S., Bragg, L.M., Servos, M.R. (2016) "Occurrence, distribution, and sources of antimicrobials in a mixed-use watershed ," Science of The Total Environment 541: pp. 1581 - 1591
  • Barajas, J., Pagsuyoin, S., Latayan, J. (2016) "Simultaneous removal of anions using moringa-functionalized adsorbents," pp. 12-15
  • Raiker, A., Latayan, J., Pagsuyoin, S., Mathieu, A. (2016) "Use of biomarkers in depression diagnostics," pp. 245-249
  • Barajas, J., Latayan, J., Pagsuyoin, S., Bacani, F., Santos, J., Tan, R., Orbecido, A., Razon, L., Almendrala, M. (2016) "Water disinfection using moringa protein adsorbed on rice husk ash," pp. 16-19
  • Santos, J., Pagsuyoin, S., Latayan, J. (2015) "A multi-criteria decision analysis framework for evaluating point-of-use water treatment alternatives,"