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Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Admissions and Degree Requirements

Students from the UMass Lowell's MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences (or another relevant UMass Lowell science or engineering MS) program with a cumulative GPA of a 3.5 or greater may apply to the Ph.D. program and, if accepted proceed with advanced standing in the PhD program and will be eligible to take the qualifying exam, which must be successfully completed within one year of acceptance. Priority admission will be given to students who have earned their MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences (or another relevant program) at UMass Lowell.

External applicants to the PhD program will be accepted if they have a MS degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a cumulative GPS of 3.5 or greater from another college or university, but may be required to take any additional core curriculum courses they have not previously taken. Upon completion of the core curriculum these students will be required to attempt the qualifying exam within 6 months and must successfully complete the qualifying exam within one year.

Students in the Ph.D. program are also required to take a minimum of 12 more credits of Advanced Elective courses. Other advanced Elective options may be added to this list or be approved by the Graduate Coordinator and the student's Research Advisor. 

The Program Coordinator and advisors in the Ph.D. program will guide graduate students through a full-time program of study. Full-time study is equivalent to 9 credit hours per semester.

Advanced Elective List for Ph.D. Students

Course Number Course Name Credits
BIOL.5210L Genomics Laboratory 2 credit hours
BIOL.5290 Recombinant Protein Production Technology 4 credit hours
BIOL.5320 Genomics 3 credit hours
BIOL.5340 Genomics Laboratory 1 credit hour
BIOL.5670 Molecular Biology 3 credit hours
BIOL.5690L Molecular Techniques 4 credit hours
BIOL.5890 Practical Protein Crystallography 4 credit hours
CHEM.5380 Biochemical Mechanisms 3 credit hours
CHEM.5510 BioChemisty II 3 credit hours
CHEM.5660 Advanced Physical Biochemistry 3 credit hours
CHEM.5660 Nanomaterials and Nanostructures 3 credit hours
CHEM.5680 Structural Analysis 3 credit hours
CHEM.5700 Advanced Protein Chemistry 3 credit hours
CHEM.6320 Principles of Medicinal Chemistry II 3 credit hours
MLSC.5800 Clinical Applications of Molecular Genetics 3 credit hours
NUTR.7100 Nutrigenomics 3 credit hours
RADI.5410 Radiochemistry 3 credit hours
RADI.5620 Radiation Biology 3 credit hours
RADI.5980 Introduction to Medical Imaging 3 credit hours
PHRM.7080 Mechanisms of Drug Action 3 credit hours
SubTotal # Advanced Elective Credits Required 12 - 13 Credit Hours

Dissertation and Research Courses

(total courses required = 4)

Course Number Course Name Credits
PHRM.7550 Graduate Research 12 - 27 credit hours
(4-0 per semester)
PHRM.7590 Doctoral Dissertation 4 - 9 credit Hours
SubTotal Dissertation & Research Credits Required Minimum 26