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Degree Pathway, Master of Science in Business Analytics - Managerial Decision Making

Sample Degree Pathway for Master of of Science - Business Analytics

The Master of Science in Business Analytics requires 10 courses (30 credits). Students complete a core of 7 required courses (21 credits) and then complete three courses (9 credits) within one of four tracks (Big Data, Managerial Decision Making, Marketing Analytics or Finance Analytics).
Introductory-level business course prerequisites in the following areas are required.
Prerequisite Courses
Area Course Cr.
ECON.2010 Statistics for business and Economics I
MATH.2830 Introduction to Statistics, or equivalent
MIST.2010 Business Information Systems
MIST.6010 Management Information Systems, or equivalent
Required Core Courses (7)
Course # Course Name Cr.
Total 21
MIST.6030 Database Management 3
MIST.6060 Business Intelligence and Data Mining 3
MIST.6150 Data Engineering for Business Analytics 3
POMS.6120 Statistics for Predictive Analytics 3
POMS.6220 Decision Analytics 3
POMS.6240 Analytic Decision Making Tools 3
Business Analytics Capstone Project 3

Managerial Decision Making Option Courses (choose 3)
Course # Course Name Cr.
Total 9
MIST.6450 Information technology Project Management 3
POMS.6020 Global Supply Chain Management 3
POMS.6030 Service Management 3
POMS.6040 Managerial Quality Control 3
Last updated 12/27/18.