Determining Who to Contact

There are many different resources available on campus, and knowing when to use them is key.

To gauge whether a student is at risk to themselves or others, ask: Have they left you with an uneasy feeling with respect to their safety or the safety of others?

Trust your instincts.

If you have any concerns for a student’s safety, always err on the side of caution. Call Campus Police at 978-934-4911 and let them assess the level of urgency. Our on-call crisis clinician is also available to assess a student's risk. You can call 855-890-2879 and let the clinician know you are concerned about the student's safety and would like them to assess the risk. Hand the phone to the student, ask them if they would like you to stay or step out, and ask them to hand you the phone once they are done talking with the clinician.

Whether you choose to call the on-call crisis clinician or UMass Lowell police, let the student know you are concerned for their safety and want to make sure they are ok, so you're calling someone who can help.

If you are concerned about a student’s general well-being, but are not concerned for their immediate safety, contact the STARs team (Student Assessment and Referral) by submitting a referral (form) at the STARs website (information). STARs is a collaborative team made up of professionals from multiple campus offices that are responsible for assessing student behavior that has concerned someone at the university.

In addition to contacting STARs, you may suggest to the student other resources that further meet their individual needs. For example, Counseling Services, Disability Services and Health Services can be helpful depending on the situation. Be mindful of the warning signs and direct them to the appropriate resource.