Replacing Lost, Stolen or Damaged ID Cards

In the event that your UCard is lost, stolen or damaged, you will need to obtain a new one at a cost of $20.00. If your card no longer works, but is physically intact without any visible damage as deemed by our staff only, the fee will be waived.

All UCards are property of the University of Massachusetts Lowell and must be surrendered to officials if requested. For your safety and convenience, all old or inactive cards must be destroyed. Please note that cards that were previously deactivated cannot be reactivated.

To obtain a new card, please visit the UCard, Access and Parking Services (UCAPS) Office in University Crossing, 220 Pawtucket St. If you have lost your card, please bring another form of identification plus your UMass Lowell (SiS ID) number. If your card is damaged or not working please bring it with you.

Your card access, meal plan and River Hawk Dollars will work instantly when you receive your new card.

When reporting an ID as lost or stolen, it is immediately deactivated for access, meal plan and River Hawk Dollars.