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Add Minor/Major

Add a Minor

Students who wish to declare a minor are required to file an approved Declaration or Change of Minor form with The Solution Center. This form requires the signatures of the chairperson of the department from which the minor is offered as well as the student who is declaring the minor. If a student has questions about how a minor may fit into the student’s major, students should contact their academic adviser.

Credits for each course may be counted only once in a student’s program of studies. A course which is specified as a requirement for both a student’s major and minor will satisfy both requirements, as stated, but course credits may not be counted more than once and may be applied to one category of a student’s program of studies only. Individual departments may have a more restrictive policy.

Note: No minor program may consist of less than 18 semester credits in the minor field nor more than 24 semester credits.

For a more complete list of minors, check the undergraduate minors section of the Academic Catalog.

For academic policy on minor requirements, consult the Minor Area Requirements page in the online catalog.