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Year In Review

Invisible Identity Series 

60+ individuals attended the six invisible identity sessions over the last year. Topics included: Students Who Are Adopted, Student Gambling, Sexual Assault, Homeless and Hungry, etc. Learn more. 

Coming Out Coming Together 

5 events highlighted our Coming Out Coming Together celebration. Highlighted by the first ever Coming Out, Coming Together night at the Men’s hockey game. Learn More. 

Rumba Latina 

The Latin American Student Association brought the heat with their annual Rumba Latina. Student performances included song, dance, and poetry. Learn More.

Culture Shock 

The Association of Students of African Origin entertained over 300 attendees at this year’s Culture Shocks with performances from various clubs on campus. Learn More. 

Senior Send Off 

The first ever Senior Send Off allowed students to connect one last time before graduation. Custom OMA Pins were handed out to all in attendance.


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