River Hawk Experience Distinction Course Designation Rubric: Leadership

The dimensions identified below are qualities that we strive to cultivate in RHED Leadership students. Please evaluate the extent to which the course/course assignments give students the opportunity to demonstrate each ability or mindset as described. Please note that these outcome descriptions are aspirational; students may be called on to achieve some measure short of total mastery in any category, depending on the course aims and level. Download the full Leadership Rubric (xlsx).

Leadership Dimensions:Accomplished 
Vision and strategic thinkingStudent demonstrates the ability to formulate and articulate a vision and strategy for action or change.
Student evaluates and adapts their plans to ensure continuous improvement and accommodate dynamic conditions in ways that are at least partly effective.
Knowledge of frameworks for leadership and changeStudent recognizes a range of leadership theories rooted in diverse contexts, and is able to identify and select frameworks that are appropriate in the relevant contexts (discipline, culture, etc.).
Using collaboration and teamwork to achieve goalsStudent articulates the value of teamwork. They perceive strengths, weaknesses, and bias in them self and others, and attempts to direct or motivate action to create an inclusive team.
Student listens, acknowledges the needs of others, and accounts for others' perspectives in the attempt to resolve conflicts.
Awareness of power structures and dynamicsStudent recognizes and demonstrates some understanding of the structural relationships within groups and organizations.
They show awareness of the role of power dynamics, and the importance of social responsibility.
Demonstrating ethical leadershipStudent evaluates some actions through ethical frameworks; attempts to evaluate the implications of their decisions, though the evaluation may be incomplete; and acknowledges accountability.
They apply ethical values and priorities when faced with challenges.  Student makes a credible attempt to with ethics and integrity in their leadership roles.