Awards Received by UMass Lowell Faculty & Staff

The following represents Technology awards that have been received by UMass Lowell Faculty and Staff. If you have any questions or would like more information on any of these awards please contact us.

MA Tech Transfer Center Awards

The Massachusetts Tech Transfer Center (MTTC) facilitates and accelerates technology transfer between research institutions and Massachusetts companies; promotes collaboration between research institutions and the Commonwealth’s technology industry; assists in the growth of Massachusetts companies, including startups, by enhancing technological leadership; and supports regional and statewide economic development priorities. For more information please visit the MTTC website.

Faculty interested in commercialization funding from the Mass Tech Transfer Center should contact OTC.

MTTC "Acorn" Fund Awardees

Anna YaroslavskyPhysics and Applied PhysicsReduction of Skin Cancer Care Costs Through Polarization-Sensitive Optical Imaging2017
Daniel SchmidtPlastics EngineeringScale up and Characterization of a High Performance BPA-Free Unsaturated Resin2017

MTTC Innovation Commercialization Seed Fund

Daniel SchmidtPlastics EngineeringBisphenol A (BPA) Free Epoxy Resins for Food Can Liners2015
Pradeep U. KurupCivil EngineeringVersatile Electronic Tongue for Environmental Monitoring and Food Safety Applications2015
Erno SajoPhysics and Applied PhysicsRadiation Detection and Monitoring for Radiation Safety and Medical Applications Employing Self-Powered High Energy Current Nanofilms2015
Xing-Wei WangElectrical and Computer EngineeringCatheter Based Ultrasound (CBU) Fiber Optic Temperature Distribution Measurement System for Controlling Radiofrequency (RF) Ablation2015

Mass Clean Energy Center (CEC) "Catalyst" Awards

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is a publicly-funded agency dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy technologies, companies and projects in the Commonwealth. For more information please visit the MASS CEC website.

Faculty interested in Catalyst awards from the Mass CEC should contact OTC.

Mass Clean Energy Center (CEC) "Catalyst" Awards

PI(s)DepartmentTechnologyYear / Cycle
Ertan Agar* and Patrick CappillinoMechanical Engineering* and Chemistry, UMass Lowell; and Biochemistry, UMDHigh-performance redox flow batteries with bio-inspired electrolytes for grid-scale energy storage2017 - 2
Fuqiang LiuMechanical EngineeringAll-day Solar Cell Integrating High-capacity Photochromic Storage2017 - 1
Wei GuoPhysics and Applied PhysicsInGaN Nanowire Phosphor Materials for Energy Efficiency Solid State Lighting2017 - 1

TechConnect National Innovation Awards

Pradeep U. KurupCivil EngineeringA Portable Heavy Metal Detector2016
Daniel SchmidtPlastics EngineeringBisphenol A (PBA) Free Epoxies Useful in Making Safer Paint Stripper Alternatives2017
Gregory MoroseTURISafer Paint Stripper Alternative2017
Joey MeadNanomanufacturing CenterDurable Icephobic and Superhydrophobic Coating Systems2017

UMass Technology Development Fund Awardees

For more information on the UMass Technology Development Fund (UMPO TDF) please see the UMPO TDF Website.

Faculty interested in commercialization funding from the UMPO should contact OTC.

UMass Technology Development Fund Awardees

Dave KazmerPlastics EngineeringFractal Screw Extrusion2017
Bob Giles & Cecil JosephPhysics and Applied PhysicsGrating Based Terahertz Spectrometer2017
Ertan Agar* & Patrick CappillinoMechanical Eng, UMass Lowell* & Chemistry and Biochemistry, UMDHigh-Performance Redox Flow Batteries with Bio-inspired Electrolytes for grid-scale Energy Storage2017
Carol Barry & Joey MeadPlastics EngineeringCorrosion Resistance Coating with Improved Durability2016
Akshay Kokil & Daniel SchmidtPlastics EngineeringVinyl Hydroxyl Ether Resins (VHER): A New Family of Resins2016
Joey MeadPlastics EngineeringSuperhydrophobic Coatings2015
Zhiyong GuChemical EngineeringNanosolders2015