The university encourages its students to be innovative and entrepreneurial in the course of their education. This section provides information on University policies and links to resources that students can take advantage of.


Intellectual property developed by a student during the course of their education at the University is generally owned by the student. Examples include projects for class assignments and capstone projects. However, there are cases where the University may have partial or full ownership rights in the invention. This includes research done by students as part of a federal grant or internship with the University. Students wishing to pursue a technology that belongs to the University may be eligible to obtain a license from the University. Please refer to the University's Intellectual Property Policy for more information. Students are encouraged to contact the OTC with questions about their inventions.


The University offers entrepreneurial education through its Manning School of Business. We encourage students to explore their course offerings and consider the Masters of Science in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship.

There are many other great sources of information on launching a start-up company and meeting others to form your founding team.