To support growth in research, the University of Massachusetts Lowell provides discretionary funds for reinvestment in research to the PI and co-PIs, centers, and colleges equivalent to the percentages of indirect costs recovered listed below.

From a baseline of 51%, the monies from indirect costs are divided according to the following formula:

  • 41% to UMass Lowell Finance and Operations
  • 25% to the Principal Investigator/Co-Principal Investigators (distribution between PI and co-PIs is defined by effort)
  • 12.5% to the UMass Lowell Stabilization Fund
  • 7.5% to the Provost
  • 7% to the college
  • 7% to the center (if no university research or engagement center is involved, this 7% will also go to the college, or up to 4% to the department and the balance to the college)

The difference between the current federally negotiated rate and the baseline of 51% goes to building debt financing.

These funds must be spent in accordance with the Research Investment Funds (RIF) Expenditure Guidelines. Monies must be expended "for purposes of instruction, research, tests, invention, discovery, development or engineering consistent herewith."