Ultimately our goal is both to educate researchers for American businesses and to provide leading edge research for these companies so that they can remain competitive in our new, worldwide economy.  To be successful, we are in continuous contact with companies to understand their needs and requirements for new products.  In 2007 we formed the Nanomanufacturing Center Executive Advisory Board (EAB)—a Board consisting of leaders of key companies in the Greater New England area that look to our research to sustain their competitive edge.  

The EAB members and other regional companies have provided not only key advice, but also sponsored research funding to support our research. We pride ourselves on providing value to the companies that we work with.  

Examples of successful projcets include:

  • Doubled the barrier properties and tensile strength by well-dispersed clay particles
  • Developed new material for footwear
  • Transformed easily removed icephobic surfaces into durable coatings
  • Measured nanofiber and nanoparticle emissions from recycled nanocomposites, demonstrating low release of free nanoparticle

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